Saturday, June 4, 2011

He came in through the bedroom window...

Have been living in the northwest corner of this state for, oh, over eleven years and have never once seen a Luna moth.  Well that ended this evening.  My house mate was surprised by this male Luna moth (she is going to probably kill me for posting this second picture).  Of course the second picture is perfect because it really gives you an idea of this magnificent moths size.
The sad part of this encounter is that I found out that the male Luna Moth only lives for one week.  Seems that it does not have a mouth and its only purpose is to breed.  I'm sure you probably are saying, "well, how do you know it's a male, been"  But according to the article I read it says that the males have the bushier antennas.  Of course, the fact that he decided to visit my housemate should have been another indicator of his gender.

Guess you never know when a photographic opportunity will present itself. Well, have a nice evening.


  1. Very, very cool! Seems so many folks have seen the otherwise elusive Luna moth this spring … good omen, me thinks!

    And … "does not have a mouth and its only purpose is to breed …" Nature has her brilliant moments, eh? :)