Friday, June 10, 2011

When you least expect it....

The bears are rather restless this year and I have seen more bears this year then the total of bears that I have seen in the last eleven years. 

I live in a basement apartment in a friends house but I have access to the entire house.  Just about a week ago I was in my room editing some photos I had just taken, when I heard a rather loud noise upstairs.  So, I went up to investigate.  Got to the top of the stairs and I could see a dark shadow at the front door.  Walk to the front door and looked out the side window and there it was, a bear and it had ripped the humming bird feeder down off the side of the house and was drinking the sugar water.


As soon as I banged on the door it got up and ran off to the side of the house.  I ran downstairs and grabbed my camera, switched out my macro lens for something that would give me a little distance and shot out through the garage door just in time to almost bump into the bear that was coming back down the driveway.  We looked at one another and he ran off into my neighbors yard.  I followed at a safe distance and this is what I captured.

So the final tally is one dead bird feeder, one dead humming bird feeder and pole and  one surviving igloo cooler.

I have a feeling by the multi tags in his/her ears that it has had a few run ins with a game warden or two and I can only guess that the box around its neck must be a tracking device.

Any ways our friendly bear sauntered up the driveway, across the street and off into the day.  I'm sure it will be back, or one of the others, that have been stopping by for a bite or two.  This was definitely one of the smaller ones.

Oh, just a little side note.  The bears seemed to have open their own little cafe in the woods right behind the house.  Probably once a week, we have to go into the woods and pick up the remains of trash that the bears leave laying all about.  We have gathered that this must be a collection of trash from few of the neighbors homes just by the looks of the remains.  I have thought about putting up a sign that says "the Bear Cafe" "Please pick up after you are finished" Hey, what are you going to do!  Live and let live...

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