Wednesday, April 27, 2011

changes in the air...

Hoping to make some substantial changes to the layout of this blog in the coming weeks.  Just not feeling it, you know what I mean?  So, if there is any suggestions, please chime in!

Also thinking about going with one subject per day, just multiple possibilities, putting something out there to allow for some feed back!  I love feed back!!!

I bought a beautiful lily yesterday and was getting ready to do some shooting when I looked up and saw this yellow and orange gerber that came home with me a couple of days ago.  It just stood there and was kind of saying, "Hey look, it's now or never!"

I have to add, that the flowers I select, you may think this strange but, they talk to me.  I walk into a shop and look around and someone will always say can I help you but, I look and look, until one of them says, "Hey, I'm the one."  I have tried forcing the issue before and just gone in and said "Okay I'll take that and that and that" only to get home and just not feel the magic that helps me create these, warm intimate flower portraits.

So, without further noise here are six, yes six views, of this awesome Gerber Daisy.  Pick your favorite and let me know which one it is.  Perhaps it will be the next one that makes it to my Artfire page.






 and last, but not least #6

So there you have them, let me know what you think and I'll see you tomorrow...