Thursday, April 21, 2011

where does the time go...

Just doesn't seem to be enough time today or I am badly organizing it. Got up early this morning with the thought of getting a lot done and here it is almost noon and I am just now getting this posted!

Well, enough of the small talk let's get cracking, or typing or shooting or......

So, I walked around the house yesterday, really focusing on my surroundings and shot, oh probably close to 50 pictures of what I would call interesting things. Today I shall share at least one of them with you.

This is a statue of one of my friends, well not of my friend but, belonging to her. Strange but interesting all in one! I really like the texture and color.

Ah, finally, back to my favorite subject!!! Also my favorite time of year...Spring!!! Everything is in bloom and everything is fresh! I went into the Riverside Nursery (one of my favorite places to score flowers) this morning, to selected a few things to keep myself busy for a couple of day! While I was at the front counter checking out I asked the gal when they might get some Parrot tulips in and she replied "didn't you see the ones that I had in the case!"

DOH, don't I feel silly!!

This was one of them, kind of looks like Napa cabbage.

Got to run, was invited out to lunch today and she never takes no for an answer!

On that note, Have a fantastic day and I'll see you tomorrow...


  1. What an interesting statue!!! I really like it. Can't you show how it entirely? I would like to know how it looks "from top to bottom". If you please. :)

  2. Really lovely images. "Parrot tulips," eh? I learn something new everyday ~ thanks for today's lesson!

  3. Margelaene, I have read your post and will post that picture of the full statue soon!