Monday, April 18, 2011

a different perspective...

If you hadn't noticed a trend, I love to shot flowers, (although don't say that in a florist, they will give you funny looks).

There's just something that keeps drawing me back to these intricate, beauties. I just love all the twist and turns, different shades, the sameness and difference of everyone of them and every time you take another look there is something that you missed the first time.

Typically, we always see flowers from the same direction and usually from a distance. Well, here are two today, up-close and from a different perspective...

I hope you enjoy them!

I REALLY love this shot!!! Before the day is out we have a date for a more in depth shot! I can see this as a nice 20 x 30 print!

There is just something about the color and texture of this flower, the lay of the petals, the softness and the hardness that play together perfectly!

Well, much to do today! Look forward to seeing you tomorrow...

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