Sunday, April 24, 2011

spring at last?

Got up this morning and it had to be at least 50 degrees outside, finally! Should be a lovely day, let's see what we can find today, or what finds me.

Interesting day yesterday to say the least and with it a large variety of weather conditions making for a variety of images.

The first image today has been edited but I was playing with some of my captures from yesterday and this is how one came out, hope you enjoy it.

This is the results of playing around.

This is the original, what do you think?

For the second image today I jumped back into my old passion. I bought this gorgeous white gerber. Extraordinary flower.

I did do a little tweeking of this image as well, brought the green out a little and not really sure that I like it. Must have spent hours with this flower and not done yet! Thank goodness for digital. I can honestly say that I took over 100 pictures of this gerber and if I had done it with film it would have gotten quite expensive.

I have a lot of additional keepers and I will probably share some of them over the next few days

Looks like it will be a glorious day today and I have a family commitment to go to today so I hope everyone has an outstanding day and...I'll see you tomorrow...

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