Saturday, April 23, 2011

winter just doesn't want to go....

Have two more pic to post. Of course the way they are posted you would have thought that they should have been in the reverse order...

I was driving down a back road yesterday evening when I came upon these beauties.

There was a whole wall of them but these bright orange ones really stood out.
I liked the composition too, it forms a Z.

I was talking to my housemate yesterday as she was starting the fire in the fireplace saying how cold it was getting in such a short span of time. I teased and said that's alright I hear that we are going to get 4 feet of snow tonight.

Well, maybe not 4 feet but when I looked out the window this morning I had to laugh...Snow! Not 4 feet but a very healthy dusting.

Good old winter just doesn't want to let go.

Some day spring will get here, but until then, Have a great day and I'll see you tomorrow...

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